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    PostSubject: Changelog Changelog Icon_minitimeTue Oct 12, 2010 6:42 am

    makkE wrote:
    Most notable changes:

    - Armour Values have been nerfed slightly.
    - Addition of in-game clock ( /clockdisplay 0|1|2 )
    - LSS now back to two-nade pickups (no more random)
    - Pistol Frenzy has nade-pickups removed

    and as usual, several bug-fixes...

    I hope this will please those who have been disliking 1.1
    The new armour values have been nerfed, so the "shots-to-kill" ratio of the guns is now more like 1.04 again (though not exactly of course).

    I hope players will give 1.1 a thorough try again, because I plan to discuss any other necessary weapon balance issues with the comminity soon, so we can make a release that everyone will be happy with.

    The masterserver for 1.04 will still be running, but I hope that those who prefer 1.04 will give this new version another try.

    Have Fun!


    That means more time to kill people who have armor. Time to speed up my clicks. Smile

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