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PostSubject: Resign   Wed Oct 27, 2010 6:23 am

Hey i have been on and off most of the time in ac,and because of this i do not play better anymore and instead am playing worse than before .The clan has improved a lot and and i don't want to let you down guys.I will reapply in future if i think i am fit.I will be active on forums.Anyway you were all good people and i enjoyed ~TgS~ company.I have removed the tag and and there will be no change in my name.Goodluck
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Clan Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Resign   Wed Oct 27, 2010 7:08 am

We will miss you Google. Had a lot of fun with you in clan matches. Remember that you are better than many members in AC. Hope you reapply in the near future. Smile

There is no place like
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PostSubject: Re: Resign   Wed Oct 27, 2010 7:18 am

wait a minute wtf??? google u resigned D:
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PostSubject: Re: Resign   Wed Oct 27, 2010 8:19 am

Thank you for all your help and good luck with your AC and real life.
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PostSubject: Re: Resign   Wed Oct 27, 2010 1:25 pm

Being a part of a clan/team means much more than play together, you learn (at least I do) new things (of any kind) one of them is certainly gameplay styles, so if you feel you are 'not at the level' then with more reason you should stay in order to improve your skill, I think one of the best ways to increment your level is to play with better players than you, I know this by my own experience.

Choose a better player than you, then equal him in gameplay, finally add gameplay 'things' on your own to be better than him. f you do it repeteadly you'll become a great player....my tow cents...

It's unfortunate you left us now, but I respect your decision and whish you success in everything you do. Good Luck Google.
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PostSubject: Re: Resign   Wed Oct 27, 2010 4:13 pm

I am in the same boat as you google, But praetor pretty much sum'd it all up. I've gotten alot better since the day i've joined, and i will not stop until i have achieved my goal.
Better yet, We all miss you Google. Take care and have fun. We will be looking forward for you Return (:
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PostSubject: Re: Resign   

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