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PostSubject: TgS Rules   TgS Rules Icon_minitimeMon Aug 16, 2010 8:15 am

TgS Forum & Gameplay Rules


When registering on the TgS Forums you agree to provide valid and accurate information such as name, e-mail, and any other information requested from you while being a member of our forums. You also agree that whilst registered at TgS Forums you are responsible for all actions that have been performed on your account. We reserve the right to allow or deny your ability to use of the Forums provided by the TgS Clan for any reason we see fit.

General unacceptable behavior

1. Please understand that AssaultCube is in the end only a game for one's entertainment. This game must not in anyway get in between your responsibilities and or school work. If you need time away do not be afraid to inform a fellow member of TgS to notify our Administrators to keep from future confusion of inactivity.

2. Do not under any circumstances promote illegal activity or questionable content. This includes pornographic material of any kind, pirated material, and the distribution of any tools meant to disrupt the gameplay of AssaultCube. If this rule is violated you face the consequences of being removed from the forums & clan, blacklisted, and reported on the Official AssaultCube Forums.

3. We expect our members of both the forums and clan to be respectful to one another in and out of gameplay as well as other clans. If you are to be caught expressing any form of speech that is meant to be biased and racist in any way to people of a certain race, color, ethnicity, belief, sex, gender, age and of disability will be taken seriously. Verbal abuse as well as cyber bullying to other people will not be overlooked and will reviewed by TgS Administrators. If this rule is violated you will be removed from the forums & clan immediately prior to a full review.

4. We have a zero spam tolerant policy here at TgS which disapproves of any type of irrelevant content posted under topics or sections of the forum. These posts will either be deleted or moved to the correct section. Also no spamming the chatbox and IRC. If this rule is violated repeatedly you face the consequences of being banned from the forums depending on its consistency.

5. Under all circumstances must you obey and adhere and respect TgS leaders & other 'high-ranking' members decisions. We always welcome your opinion but your opinion must not attempt to flame another member or provoke an argument. If this rule is violated repeatedly and causes problems within the clan you shall be removed upon discretion of the TgS Administrators.

6. Do not share any personally identifiable information that was not given permission on the information owner. This means, do not share phone numbers, addresses and/or emails without permission. If this rule is violated you face the consequences of being removed from the forums and/or the clan.

7. As a TgS Clan member you are expected to wear the clan's tag (~TgS~) at all times within gameplay of AssaultCube, unless told otherwise from a 'higher' ranking member. If this rule is violated repeatedly you face the consequences of being removed from the clan.

8. Consistent inactivity of the forums as well as AssaultCube will give us the impression that you simply do not care to be involved with TgS and might result in you being removed from the clan. However rule #1 is an exception to this rule. If you are to take a leave of absence please specify the reason and an estimate of your absence.

9. If you are to change your name & to avoid confusion please create some sort of post in the correct section of the forums notifying your previous name as well as your new name. However if you wish to change your forum name please notify an administrator of the forums so they can simply change your name to prevent multiple registrations.

10. In the end you must have fun! Just obey our rules and everything should pretty much go smoothly!

* Please understand that for each violation there is a set of different consequences, each will be reviewed upon TgS Administrators/Moderators to come with a conclusion of the punishment/consequence that must be inflicted on the offender.

Guidelines for Clan Matches:

1. An official clan match must consist of a minimum 2 vs 2. A 1 vs. 1 will not be considered a clan match.

2. During a clan match, Your best behavior is required at all times. Never verbally abuse or harass another player for any reason.

3. Have good citizenship and sportsmanship. At the end of the match say good game (gg). Do not say bad game (bg).

4. Never Rage Quit. You must play a clan match all the way through no matter how bad you are playing.

5. All official clan matches must be posted on the forum, with screen shots, no matter what the outcome is. Win or Lose.

6. Remember that during a clan match you are representing the ~TgS~ Clan. So be respectful, play your hardest, and most Importantly, have fun!

Guidelines for Applications:

1. You must have a clean history.

2. You must be able to speak/write some English.

3. All applicants are required to be tested by the top 3 members https://zipclan.darkbb.com/g12-top-3-members You can also have matches with other members.

4. All applicants must show respect and behave during and after your application process. If you are found treating people poorly, your application will be revoked.

5. We are looking for skilled players that compete well in matches and pubs and are mature.

6. Do not use the ~TgS~ clan tag before you are accepted into the clan.

7. The Application process may take some time, so please have patience.

8. If you weren't accepted into the clan, you can always reapply.
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TgS Rules
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